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Trouble Report Submittal

Submit a RETRAN/VIPRE Trouble Report

Error Reporting Procedure:
  1. Fill out the error report form below, completely describing the error in detail, including the version of RETRAN or VIPRE in which the error was encountered, and the computer make and model.
  2. Provide as much support information as possible including plots, the type of transient and if similar symptoms have been encountered before.
  3. Provide an exact copy of the input model that encountered the error and the output file. Include a nodalization diagram and a copy of the cross section file if the model used either 1-D or 3-D kinetics. Zip or tar all of the input and output files associated with the error into one file.
Note: Binary 3-D cross-section files (.bxf) should be converted to ASCII files (.axf).

General Information

Engineering Code Information
Code Name:
Code installed from source?
Sample problems executed?
Model Information

File Attachment
Attach a Zip or Tar file of the input and out files associated with the error.

*Note, file size limit is 2MB.
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If you are having trouble submitting a trouble report, please visit the support page.