Numerical Advisory Solutions
NAS has developed several major computer codes that receive constant use worldwide. The codes have a wide range of applications and industry acceptance.

General purpose software package bridging the gap between system and CFD codes to provide computationally efficient engineering solutions for multi-scale and multi-physics applications.


A best-estimate light water reactor and reactor systems transient thermal-hydraulic analysis code with an USNRC issued Safety Evaluation Report that finds it "acceptable for referencing in licensing applications".


Performs very detailed nuclear reactor core thermal-hydraulic calculations to obtain minimum departure from nucleate boiling ratio for steady-state conditions and operational transients.


Steady-state thermal and hydraulic analysis software that can be used for system design, HVAC, and heat exchanger analysis.


Web-delivered code for radiological transport and determination of on-site and off-site dose to personnel due to radiological release.

Custom Software

Engineering software has become an integral part of an electric utility's operation. Correctly designed and implemented software can improve productivity, enhance safety, reduce operating costs, and increase plant efficiency.

The right code for the job.