Numerical Advisory Solutions
VIPRE User Group
NAS operates the RETRAN/VIPRE User Group (RVUG), a self-supported organization funded by member organizations. It was formed to maintain, enhance, and ensure the long term viability of the following software packages:
The RVUG is operated by NAS under the direction of the RVUG membership as delineated in the RETRAN/VIPRE User Group Charter. Two subgroups, the RETRAN User Group (RUG) and the VIPRE User Group (VUG), are funded separately for the RETRAN and VIPRE computer programs, respectively.

The overall objective of the RVUG is to support and encourage the maintenance, development and application of the RETRAN and VIPRE computer programs in the interests of the nuclear electric industry. The purposes of the RVUG include: Members of the RVUG must have use licenses for specific versions of the RETRAN or VIPRE software packages.

Annually, the member organizations will establish budgets, funding formulas, and work scopes for the work to be performed during the following year.

By jointly funding the RVUG activities, members receive benefits that are worth many times the fee they individually pay.