Numerical Advisory Solutions
NAS specializes in providing significant cost savings for our clients through margin recapture or operations flexibility through innovative solutions using optimization, efficiency improvements and advanced modeling and simulation methods.
Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis

Our staff is experienced in applying a variety of codes for thermal-hydraulic analysis for design basis and operational transients applying both legacy and Regulatory Guide 1.203 compliant methods.

Advanced Reactors

NAS supports the design and development of many advanced reactor designs, including SMR and non-LWR designs.

Operating Plant Support

We support power uprates, steam generator replacements, outage length reductions, fuel cycle changes and resolution of regulatory issues.

Licensing & Regulatory Support

NAS maintains extensive expertise in supporting licensing actions. We ensure that the NRC's requirements are met upon submittal.

System Analysis

NAS uses various computer codes to effectively model and evaluate advanced nuclear power systems.

Radiological Analysis

Our extensive dose, aerosol and containment modeling experience includes source term, AST, control room dose, shielding, RWST backleakage as well as hot cells and glove boxes.

Nuclear Fuel Analysis

We support reload analyses or provide independent technical reviews of fuel vendor thermal-hydraulic and neutronic analyses.

Waste Management

NAS has the software and experience to support spent fuel pool, dry cask storage, ground water transport, non-Newtonian modeling for waste tank storage, and many other decontamination and decommissioning needs.

Our operations, systems and licensing experience ensures that accurate and licensable results are delivered on-time and within budget.