Numerical Advisory Solutions
About Us

Who We Are

NAS provides trusted, best-in-class software tools, analysis, engineering, design and project management services for design and safe operation of nuclear facilities worldwide, with a focus on innovative, effective solutions, customer relationships, and long-term value.

We specialize in providing significant cost savings for our clients through margin recapture, operations flexibility, maintenance/outage task and schedule reduction and effective designs by determining the best solution using optimization, efficiency improvements and advanced modeling and simulation methods. We offer skilled mechanical, electrical, controls, civil and structural engineering professionals and designers who are knowledgeable and experienced in power plant systems, engineering analysis and modification package development. Our staff has performed all phases of power plant projects from conceptual and detailed design to construction and startup testing.

NAS, and predecessors, Proto-Power Corporation (PPC), Numerical Applications, Inc. (NAI) and Computer Simulation & Analysis, Inc. (CSA), have been providing engineering services and software products to the nuclear industry worldwide for over 45 years. Our clients include electric utilities, advanced reactor designers, research organizations, regulators, Architect/Engineers, fuel vendors and government energy agencies.

We are internationally recognized for our expertise in thermal hydraulics analysis, radiological analysis, safety analysis and code development.

Distinctive Outcomes

NAS works closely with our clients to: