Numerical Advisory Solutions
The complexity of large engineering analysis codes can be overwhelming for first time or infrequent users. This complexity results from the variety of options available to users when constructing or changing a model for a specific application. In order to make informed engineering decisions for input preparation, a user must understand not only how the input is supplied, but also how the physical models in the code function and how they utilize the input. Our training programs are designed to help transfer the knowledge we have to other users.

As the code developer, NAS is uniquely qualified to provide training on these software tools. NAS personnel have instructed the majority of the personnel using these tools, either through direct instruction or through providing technical support to licensees. Therefore, NAS clearly meets the requirements of Generic Letter 83-11, Supplement 1, Attachment 1, Section 2.3, Training and Qualification of Licensee Personnel ("Training should be provided by either the developer of the code or method, or someone who has been previously qualified in the use of the code or method.").

We hold standardized training services at our facilities regularly, but we can also provide custom courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses can be held at your facilities to provide cost-effective training for your staff.

Who Will Benefit?