Numerical Advisory Solutions
VIPRE Training
NAS is pleased to offer online VIPRE training options using the Microsoft Teams platform. The online Basic VIPRE Training covers the same topics as in person training over a two-day duration.

The Training Session lectures include: Part of each day is devoted to working sessions in which the attendees has an opportunity to prepare and run sample problems designed to illustrate material covered in the lectures. The sample problem sessions also provide participants with the opportunity to discuss specific items on a one-to-one basis with the NAS staff or other attendees. NAS personnel will be available to answer questions on plant models or to discuss specific items.

The VIPRE User Interface software is used during the sample problem sessions, and the problems are ran on PCs or workstations. An electronic version of the lecture material and computer sample problem information is provided.

The cost of the training session is $1,500 for each participant. If your organization is a current member of the VIPRE User Group, a 10% discount will be applied to the training session fee.

If you would like to register/pay for this session and are a member of the VIPRE User Group, please click on 'User Group Member'. If you are not a member of the VIPRE User Group, click the 'Non-Member' button below.


We hold standardized training services at our facilities and online regularly, but we can also provide custom courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses can be held at your facilities to provide cost-effective training for your staff.