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The VIPRE-01 computer program was developed by EPRI to perform subchannel thermal-hydraulic analysis of LWR cores under normal operating conditions, operational transients, and events of moderated severity. It is maintained by the VIPRE User Group (VUG) in accordance with the quality assurance requirements of 10CFR50 Appendix B. As part of the maintenance program, trouble reports are available to VUG members.

VIPRE-01 was developed by staff members at Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) for EPRI. Until January 1, 2005, maintenance and support was also provided by PNNL. Ms. Judith M. Cuta was the most recent PNNL code custodian. Her records have been used as the starting point for the VUG maintenance program.

Trouble report information is available on-line (discussed below). Access to the on-line trouble report information is available to all VIPRE users.


VIPRE-01 MOD02.8 is the current released version of the VIPRE-01 code. It was released in October 2023 and includes the error corrections and enhancements identified as modifications 310 through 320. The VIPRE-01 MOD02.8 Trouble Report List is a PDF document that is also maintained as a quality record in compliance with NAS's QA Program.

The complete VIPRE-01 Trouble Report list contains all trouble reports filed since the release of MOD02.1

VIPRE-01 Trouble Reports
MOD02.8 Trouble Report List
Complete Trouble Report List