Numerical Advisory Solutions
VIPRE Activities

VIPRE Progress Reports

Annual progress reports are provided to the VUG Steering Committee. This report presents a summary of the work performed for the VIPRE User Group (VUG) code maintenance and development work.

VIPRE-01 MOD02.7 is Now Available

VIPRE-01 MOD02.7 is now available. It is supported on Linux and Windows platforms. VIPRE User Group members can request VIPRE-01 MOD02.7 by contacting Pam Richardson.

VIPRE-01 Limitations, Modeling, and Input Guidelines

The VIPRE User Group (VUG) sponsored a project to provide users with guidelines which detail VIPRE-01 limitations and input processing problem solving. NAS has developed a limitations, modeling, and input guidelines manual which is now available. Contact Pam Richardson for a username and password to download this file.

Newsletter Contributions

We are interested in receiving short notes (1-2 paragraphs) summarizing the general RETRAN activities at various utilities that could be included in future newsletters. A RETRAN mouse pad will be given to the author of each of these summaries. We also encourage contributions about specific items. These would typically be about one page (two columns) in size, and would address a particular analysis or application of the program, discuss topical reports, and similar topics. Individuals contributing these articles will receive a RETRAN polo shirt as well as a mouse pad. Contact Pam Richardson with questions about Newsletter contributions.