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RETRAN-02 to RETRAN-3D Conversion

An on-line document describing the process for converting a RETRAN-02 input deck to an equivalent RETRAN-3D model is available to all RETRAN users. The RETRAN-02 to RETRAN-3D Conversion Guide presents a summary of the changes required to convert RETRAN-02 MOD005.2 input decks to the RETRAN-3D MOD004.2 code. It does not list all of the RETRAN-3D input changes, but only those required to convert a RETRAN-02 input deck to an equivalent "RETRAN-02 Mode" (see the RETRAN-3D SER for a definition) input deck. This document is provided as a guide to converting RETRAN-02 input decks to RETRAN-3D. Refer to the RETRAN-3D input manual for a complete description of RETRAN-3D input requirements.
Conversion Guide