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GOTHIC Versions
The GOTHIC v8.4(QA) is available.

GOTHIC 8.4(QA) contains a variety of new features and improvements that expand the range of applicability and make the software easier to use. Major new features include:

GOTHIC Versions

Version Release Summary of Major Enhancements
8.4 Jun. 2022 Scenario manager, fission product tracking enhancements, improvements to radiation heat transfer modeling, ability to include more than one multiphase fluid in a simulation, generalized combustion model, options to streamline input requirements, avariety of other improvements related to thermal conductors, post-processing and the user interface
8.3 Apr. 2019 Generic fluid property framework to support non-LWRs, fluid property tables for water and molten salts, improved hydrogen burn, GUI enhancements for large models, tracer improvements, Unit toggling, material properties library, several improvements to support modeling dry aerosols.
8.2 Nov. 2016 Generalized restart, extend liquid components to both track multiple fields in both liquid and drops, extend radioactive isotopes to generic tracers, add filter, charcoal filter and dryer/demister components, improve command file capability, improve panning and zooming.
8.1 Sep. 2014 Point kinetics model, simplified homologous pump input, improved spray model, torus blockage shape, generalize conductor surface assignment, integrated user training modules, compatibility with AptPlot, improve screen refresh for subdivided volumes, other user interface improvements for working with large models.
8.0 Jan. 2012 Multiple drop fields and drop field size distribution, parallel processing, dissolved gases, sediment transport for liquid components, local control variables, pipe elasticity effects for water hammer, improvements in the input generation for subdivided volumes.
7.2/a/b Sep. 2004/
Jan. 2006/
Mar. 2009
Liquid components, improved ice model that allows for freezing, melting and sublimation, additional flexibility for turbulence models, improved heat exchanger component models, filter component for radioactive isotopes, DLM for heat and mass transfer with optional enhancement factors for mist generation and film roughening effects.
7.1 Dec. 2002 Improved fan cooler model, conductors assigned to blockages, gap conductance mode, curbs, command files, Graphical User Interface substantially revised.
7.0 Jun. 2001 Porous media approach for partial cell volume and face area blockages using the FAVOR methodology, 3D connectors, flow networks, 2nd order numerics, mist model, envelope sets, copy/paste options, improved drop entrainment and deposition models, improved wall heat and mass transfer model specifically for condensation in the presence of noncondensing gases.
6.x 1997-2001 Stratified flow, 2D conduction, radioactive transport in the vapor phase, data files to interface with Tecplot, file comparison utility, additional control variables, improved pressure matrix solution methods for large problems.
5.x 1995-1997 Models for drop break up and drop agglomeration, properties for heavy water, ability to import data tables.
4.x 1993-1995 κ-ε turbulence model, hydrogen burn, fan coolers, improved interphase heat and mass transfer, control variables, radioactive isotopes, radiant heat transfer.