Numerical Advisory Solutions
GOTHIC Features

GOTHIC is a hybrid tool that bridges the gap between traditional system and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes. Other distinctive features of GOTHIC include:

GOTHIC provides an integrated analysis environment.
  • A graphical and menu driven user interface (GUI) to prepare a GOTHIC model
    1. The GUI allows for fast, flexible creation and modification of computational models, while greatly reducing the possibility of errors in the input.
    2. The GUI allows numerous methods of input including copy/paste, table import and export and linking to Excel worksheets.
    3. Models can be constructed using either English or metric unit systems.
  • A numerical solver to execute transient simulations
    1. GOTHIC uses parallel processing that allows a simulation to be distributed across multiple processors providing improved computational efficiency.
  • A post-processor to plot and extract results.
    1. The post-processing capability inherent to GOTHIC can be used to create time-dependent line graphs, vector plots or contour plots.
    2. The graphics file written by GOTHIC can be read by AptPlot for more extensive analysis of results.
    3. GOTHIC can be used to generate data files that are compatible with third-party post-processing and visualization tools such as Tecplot, VisIt and ParaView.
GOTHIC has an established QA pedigree.
  • All development performed within a QA program that complies with 10CFR50, Appendix B and applicable parts of ASME NQA-1.
  • Ongoing support includes compliance with 10CFR Part 21 requirements.
GOTHIC provides automatic upgrade/downgrade of existing models to newer/older versions of the code.
  • This allows for the user to carry forward all the work they have done with GOTHIC and ensures that analysis investments will be preserved with newer versions of the code.
GOTHIC includes an internal scripting language that emulates user interaction with the pre/postprocessor.
  • This allows a series of actions to be recorded and then played back to automatically drive GOTHIC.
  • The playback commands can be modified to generate a series of simulations with varied input allowing hundreds or thousands of scenarios to be developed and run automatically
  • This feature can be used to support uncertainty (BEPU), probabilistic (PRA) and risk informed (RISMC) type analyses.
  • Command File Syntax Highlighting Files:
Command File Playback ( pc-example.gcf )
A file comparison utility is available that can identify the differences between any two GOTHIC models.
  • This feature can be used to examine model-to-model input variations.
  • Output from the compare utility can be used to document differences in the case models relative to a reviewed base model.
  • This can simplify the review process because differences are quickly highlighted to the reviewer.
File linking can be used to fill GOTHIC tables by accessing data from an external database or spreadsheet.
GOTHIC includes the ability to synthesize results from many runs by creating bounding curves.
  • This allows the bounding cases to be compared to the nominal (or "best-estimate") case to quantify the effect of uncertainties on the results.
GOTHIC can be coupled with other codes to provide a more complete system solution or leverage specific capabilities.
  • Two options are available: InterProcess Communication (IPC) and Dynamically Linked Libraries (DLL).
  • GOTHIC has been successfully coupled to itself, RELAP and RETRAN using IPC.
  • GOTHIC has used DLLs for a wide variety of applications such as Zirconium oxidation fires based on the Arrhenius equation executed inside a DLL.
Add-ons allow external programs to interface with GOTHIC.
  • Provides a means to customize GOTHIC with new models and correlations while also providing complete protection of intellectual property by outside developers.
  • Allows for the required input for additional models to be seamlessly integrated into the GOTHIC user interface.
  • Has been proven with C and FORTRAN modules, but other languages could be incorporated as needed.