Numerical Advisory Solutions
RADTRAD-NAI Web-Based Interface

The web interface for RADTRAD-NAI allows you to create new input files, edit existing input files, run cases, view output files, and upload and download files from your PC, UNIX, or Macintosh web browser.

The basic scenario for a new user would be to use the menu commands to: The editing capability is provided by stepping through a sequence of forms that are arranged by categories of input. Each user account stores files in a private directory on the NAS RADTRAD server machine. The Manage files page is your interface to controlling these files. You can Upload files to the NAS server from your PC. You can view files already on the server by clicking on the file name. You can Download files to your PC, Delete them, or Rename them.

Files are not backed up by NAS. The archiving of these files is the sole responsibility of the user. Files will be allowed to remain on-line for a couple of months so long as the total storage requirement remain small (a couple of megabytes or so). The web preprocessor can read old input files generated by RADTRAD version 3.02. It automatically converts the information to what is needed by RADTRAD-NAI. Just open an old input file and click on Write new input file and then click on Run case.