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Basic RETRAN Training

Zachry Nuclear offers 4-1/2-day Basic RETRAN Training on the use of the RETRAN-3D computer code. Primary features of the RETRAN-3D code are discussed and include:

Part of each day is devoted to working sessions in which the attendees has an opportunity to prepare and run sample problems designed to illustrate material covered in the lectures. The sample problem sessions also provide participants with the opportunity to discuss specific items on a one-to-one basis with the Zachry staff or other attendees. Participants are encouraged to bring a noding diagram and RETRAN model for a plant at their utility. Zachry personnel will be available to answer questions on plant models or to discuss specific items.

The RETRAN preprocessor and the user interface software are used during the sample problem sessions, and the problems are ran on PCs or workstations. A notebook with the lecture material and computer sample problem information is provided.

The next training session will be schedule for the Spring 2020. We hold standardized training services at our facilities regularly, but we can also provide custom courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses can be held at your facilities to provide cost-effective training for your staff.

Training Information

For more information on Basic RETRAN Training, please contact Mike Howard or Pam Richardson. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.