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Zachry Nuclear Engineering, Inc. provides quality software products (including GOTHIC™, CentralStor™, and RADTRAD-NAI™), custom software development services and engineering support. Our staff is recognized world-wide in the field of thermal-hydraulics analysis, especially in the nuclear power industry. We have software developers and engineers trained in a wide range of programming languages and operating systems. We also design and build complex, secure database systems.

Zachry is dedicated to meeting the high quality standards of our clients. Use the links above to examine the products and services that we offer. Feel free to contact us with questions using the company link above.

The fall 2017 Zachry Nuclear Analysis newsletter can be found here.

GOTHIC Licensing

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GOTHIC Training

Need training on GOTHIC? There are several different options available for individual, small, and large groups.

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Cary, NC: Tuesday, December 11 through Friday December 14, 2018.


A versatile software package for transient thermal hydraulic analysis of multiphase systems in complex geometries.

A software system for controlling on-line managed storage which allows an enterprise to effectively centralize, organize, share, and secure valuable electronic documents and data files in a permanent archive.

RADTRAD-NAI™ is suitable for dose analysis under the new Alternative Source Term (AST) Guidelines (NUREG-1465) as well as the TID-14844 Guidelines.


Engineering Services
Nuclear power plant analysis supporting power uprates, steam generator replacements, outage length reductions, fuel cycle changes and resolution of regulatory issues (as well as many other capabilities).

Engineering Software
Development of codes that model multiphase flow of multi-component fluids, phase change, interfacial heat and momentum transfer, aerosol mechanics, smoke dispersion, fire growth and all modes of heat transfer in fluids and solids.

Software Development
Years of experience in software development using a variety of systems and languages (Client-Server Applications, Web-based appliations, Database Programming, User Interfaces)


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