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Numerical Applications, A Division of Zachry Nuclear Engineering, Inc. provides quality software products (including GOTHIC™, CentralStor™, and RADTRAD-NAI™), custom software development services and engineering support. Our staff is recognized world-wide in the field of thermal-hydraulics analysis, especially in the nuclear power industry. We have software developers and engineers trained in a wide range of programming languages and operating systems. We also design and build complex, secure database systems.

NAI is dedicated to meeting the high quality standards of our clients. Use the links above to examine the products and services that we offer. Feel free to contact us with questions using the phone numbers and email listed below.

1955 Jadwin Avenue, Suite 470
Richland, WA   99354
(509) 943-0861
Fax: (509) 943-6617
200 Regency Forest Drive, Suite 330
Cary, NC   27518
(919) 465-7230
Fax: (919) 465-7231

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