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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

Surveys and walkdowns require significant effort to accurately document field configurations. Some areas are difficult to access requiring scaffold erection, man-lifts, fall protection, etc. or environmental conditions such as high ambient temperatures or radiation levels may prevent accurate acquisition of critical dimensions. After collection of the field data, design configurations or vendor components may change requiring additional field information. These supplementary, unplanned walkdowns often affect project cost and schedule.

To combat the inefficiencies associated with traditional field walkdowns, 3D Laser scanning technology safely and comprehensively collects spatial data with higher effectiveness. The 3D scan is a permanent digital record which can be revisited as a virtual walkdown if additional site information is needed. The resultant 3D point cloud data provides the high-accuracy basis for Zachry Nuclear to perform design studies, confirm design feasibility, and to develop/revise plant drawings for isometrics, pipe routing, conduit routing, support locations and structural steel, including determination of potential field interferences.
Plant Configuration Management
Laser scanning is an effective tool to establish as-built plant configuration, haul paths, marine surveys, etc. Zachry Nuclear understands the sensitive nature of an operating plant and machinery, including walkdown protocols, enhanced security requirements, radiological environments, and emergency responses. Our staff maintain access credentials at our client's facilities, including radworker qualifications. Zachry's scans are non-proprietary and may be imported/exported across multiple software platforms (Leica's CYCLONE/TruView, Faro's SCENE, Autodesk's RECAP, etc.) into multiple common formats that may be utilized in AutoCAD, MicroStation or other platforms. These scans will establish the exact locations of the existing equipment and minimize the chance of interference issues during installation.
Plant Modification
For modifications or Engineering Evaluations (studies), Zachry Nuclear utilizes laser scanning as part of our normal process for conducting walkdowns, obtaining critical dimensions, etc. This enables us to minimize walkdown time, obtain optimum dimensional data, and results in cost savings to our customers due to these enhanced efficiencies. To minimize field changes and ensure design accuracy, Zachry's practice during modification development is to perform 3D laser scans utilizing the same designers and engineers who develop the design. Their work is controlled by the respective Project Manager and/or the Responsible Engineer who oversees the projects from the initial walkdown to the final deliverables. Therefore, our laser scanning products are customized to our client's needs with the responsiveness, flexibility and quality found in all Zachry deliverables. Zachry Nuclear does not charge extra for these services.