Zachry Nuclear Engineering
Instrumentation & Controls

Instrumentation & Controls

Zachry Nuclear Instrument & Controls (I&C) engineering staff has three decades of experience and knowledge in the design, modification and operation of nuclear power plant I&C systems. We continue to deliver insightful and timely support to the U.S. nuclear power plant fleet.

Our participation in industry standards committees combined with our membership and participation in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE); the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA); the Nuclear Utility Obsolescence Group (NUOG); and the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) allows us to remain current with control design criteria and requirements.

Digital Upgrades
We have been responsible for the design and integration of many digital upgrades across a wide spectrum of I&C systems of a nuclear power plant. In addition to ensuring that the critical attributes and design functions of a system were adequately met by the digital technology, Zachry Nuclear has ensured that the licensing and design basis for the plant was not adversely impacted by the introduction of the new equipment.
Cyber Security
Zachry Nuclear is a leader in supporting the industry's efforts to implement Cyber Security Programs which comply with the requirements of 10CFR73.54 "Protection of Digital Computer and Communication Systems and Networks." We can provide the full spectrum of Cyber Security services, from performing site cyber security assessments to identify critical systems and critical digital assets (CDAs); assessing network infrastructure for compliance with cyber security level boundaries; and cyber hardening CDAs; to performing vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and risk assessments; developing network solutions and strategies that will minimize internal and external threats; and serving as the site Cyber security Specialist. We have been actively involved with the eight interim implementation milestones (i.e., Milestones 1-8) for various clients while licensees prepared for full implementation. Full implementation involved remediation of those cyber security deficiencies identified by the cyber team assessments.
Radiation Monitoring
Zachry Nuclear has been responsible for various types of radiation monitoring projects ranging from a system specific upgrade to a complete plant wide process and area radiation monitoring upgrade to working with a vendor to develop a "one design fits all" Particulate, Iodine and Noble Gas (PING) skid. Our skills and experience in this area make us a preferred choice for providing a solution for your Radiation Monitoring System needs.
Loose Parts and Vibration Monitoring
Zachry Nuclear provides innovative and cost effective solutions for Loose Parts Monitoring System (LPMS) and Vibration Monitoring System upgrades or replacements in the areas of system specification, system design, system installation, and test support. Our knowledge and experience of Loose Parts and Vibration Monitoring System obsolescence issues has provided significant savings to our customers.
Physical Security
We have extensive experience, capabilities, and knowledge in the design and operation of nuclear power plant security systems, including associated regulatory requirements. Zachry Nuclear teams with or subcontracts security systems specialists, as required, to meet the individual needs of our customers.
Zachry Nuclear maintains a secured document file for storage of Safeguards Information in our Stonington, Connecticut office. These files comply with the requirements of 10CFR73.21. Zachry Nuclear's Safeguards Program is included in the scope of review in every Zachry Nuclear NUPIC audit.
Instrument Setpoint Calculations
Our staff has extensive experience in the completion of analytical and design tasks, including development of instrument loop diagrams, and instrument loop accuracy, scaling and setpoint calculations.