Zachry Nuclear Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Design

Electrical Engineering & Design

The Zachry Nuclear electrical engineering staff has extensive experience and knowledge in the design, modification, and operation of plant electrical systems. Our staff possesses a strong familiarity with associated regulatory requirements, computer software, and analytical/numerical methods of performing engineering analysis and has direct experience with critical electrical components including VFDs, Supplemental Diesel Generators, UPSs, GSUs, MCCs & Switchgear. These combined talents provide Zachry Nuclear with a broad capability for design, modification and analysis of power plant electrical systems.
Arc Flash Study
Our staff of licensed professional electrical engineers has extensive experience in performing Arc Flash Studies to determine the incident energy and arc flash boundary for each location in a power system. Based on the protective device settings and clearing time, the Incident energy and arc flash boundaries are calculated in accordance with the NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584 standards. Zachry Nuclear personnel are trained, qualified and capable of performing Arc Flash Analysis studies or reports in accordance with all updated requirements found in the new IEEE-1584, 2018 standard.
Data Center Analysis
Zachry Nuclear engineers have expert-level capability to perform Data Center Analysis and understand and focus on opportunities to increase efficiency associated with Data Center electrical design. Data Center efficiency staples include redundancy, and therefore reliability, and availability. Our staff can provide the analysis and solutions for Tier I through Tier IV Data Centers.
Electrical Equipment Specifications
We have extensive experience and expertise in preparing all types of Electrical Equipment Design, Procurement and Construction Specifications. Electrical equipment design specifications that we develop provide the design, fabrication, testing, and inspection requirements and service conditions for all electrical items/components and/or systems described therein.
Electrical Testing and Commissioning
Our staff has an extensive background in developing electrical testing and commissioning plans and procedures for all types of electrical equipment and systems testing. Electrical Commissioning and Testing is essential to the start-up of any electrical system.
Load Flow Analysis
Zachry Nuclear has performed numerous load flow studies to optimize component and circuit loading, develop practical bus voltage profiles, identify real and reactive power flow, minimize kW and kVar losses, develop equipment specification guidelines, and identify proper transformer tap settings.
Motor Starting Study
We have many years of experience utilizing several power system analysis software packages to perform motor startup studies, reports and evaluations. We have also performed Motor Starting Studies on large and medium size industrial motors where motors can have unwanted consequences on the surrounding equipment.
Power System Transients
The Zachry Nuclear staff is well versed in performing power system transient studies using electromagnetic transients programs. Computer simulations provide a convenient means to characterize transient events, determine resulting problems, and evaluate mitigation alternatives. Transient studies are used to study potential problems associated with utility and customer equipment interactions.
Protective Device Coordination
We have developed many comprehensive protective device coordination studies. A comprehensive Coordination Study assures the proper selection and installation of overcurrent protective devices and settings, to detect and clear a range of overcurrent issues based on the results of a short-circuit analysis and load flow analysis.
Short Circuit Study
Zachry Nuclear has many years of service in performing short circuit studies and equipment evaluations. A short circuit study assures fault tolerant designs for electrical power systems. Short circuit studies are performed to determine the magnitude of current flowing throughout the power system at various time intervals after a fault occurs. The results are used to evaluate the circuit breakers, panelboards and switchgear equipment assemblies, and to coordinate protective devices.
Wind Farm Analysis and Support
Our engineers are well-versed and prepared to provide the engineering, design and project management to the growing Offshore Wind Industry.