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GOTHIC Training - Seattle, WA - April 2016

NAI offers 4-day introductory GOTHIC training. The gamut of GOTHIC modeling features are presented in sessions that focus on individual topics. Each session is structured about presentation and hands-on exercises.

NAI provides both hosted and on-site trainings. NAI hosted trainings are offered twice each year, in May and in September. The trainings alternate between Charlotte, NC, and Seattle, WA. For the hosted trainings, seating is limited to allow the instructors to be available for individual assistance during hands-on exercises. Below, read about the potential benefits, GOTHIC experience required, a course outline and registration for our hosted training. Our on-site trainings are very similar in content to our hosted trainings. Contact us to discuss location, class size and schedule.

Where and When

The next NAI hosted GOTHIC training will be held in Seattle, WA , from Tuesday, April 19 through Friday April 22, 2016 .

Who Will Benefit
  • Engineers who have never used GOTHIC or may have only incidental experience, such as running cases and recovering results in graphs. The training will allow you to build basic models and understand results. It is a foundation for building increasingly sophisticated models in the future.
  • Engineers who may be conducting reviews of GOTHIC models and calculation performed internally or by vendors. The training will allow you to recognize indefensible approaches taken by the preparer.
  • Managers who have staff who are building GOTHIC models and preparing calculations. The training will provide the necessary basis for oversight of this work.
  • While the training is not designed for engineers having more extensive experience with GOTHIC, those who are in this class of users have benefited from the presentation of the software package in a sequential and orderly manner.
  • EQ program owners who would benefit from an understanding of the basis for the determination of ambient conditions for EQ analysis.
GOTHIC Experience Required

No GOTHIC experience is required. Participants in the training should have an understanding of the fundamental principles of thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

Training Course Outline

Module 1
The first day of training will focus on an introduction and familiarization with the GOTHIC interface. The course information for the first day is as follows.

  • Introduction to GOTHIC
    • Overview of code capabilities with regard to containment applications
    • GOTHIC modeling approach
    • Using the Preprocessor
    • Range of applications
    • Postprocessing of Results
    • Demonstration of a simple application
    • Hands on Sessions

Module 2

  • Fundamentals of Multiphase Thermal-hydraulics in GOTHIC
  • Fundamentals of the Multi-component Steam/Gas field in GOTHIC
  • Using Boundary Conditions
  • Modeling Flow Connections
  • Modeling Thermal Conductors
  • Modeling GOTHIC Components
  • Hands on Sessions

Module 3

  • Subdivided Volumes
    • Blockages
    • 3D Connectors
    • Porosity
    • Conductor Spanning
    • Conductors with Blockages
  • Hands on Sessions

Module 4

  • Equations and Models
  • Modeling Guidelines
  • Hands on Sessions

A more detailed description of the content and objectives of the daily sessions is available.

Sign-up for GOTHIC Training

NAI hosted and on-site trainings are available to licensed users only. Contact NAI for licensing options.

Class size is limited. For the next scheduled training, 8 seats remain available.

To reserve your seat, sign up now. The cost is $2400(USD) for four days per attendee This fee includes a binder containing all presentation material, computer resources for the class, and snacks.

Please provide your name, work phone, e-mail and company name.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your registration for the April 2016 training in Seattle, WA any time before March 19, 2016 and NAI will refund your entire payment. If you choose to cancel after March 19, 2016 , your payment will be refunded only if we are able to fill your vacated seat. At any time, you may substitute, without additional cost, any other person to attend in your behalf simply by notifying us of the change and providing the contact information.

NAI reserves the right to cancel this training if the number of participants is insufficient to make the training practical.

The determination of whether or not the class may be cancelled will be established at the latest, 30 days prior to the start of the class. If this occurs, all registered students will be refunded their tuition fee.

Contact Information

For more information on GOTHIC training, please contact Scott Franz (e-mail or phone (509) 943-0861 x339 ) Note that we are on Pacific time.


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