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Advanced RETRAN Training

The Advanced RETRAN-3D Training Session is designed to provide knowledge beyond that provided in the basic training. Training session topics cover a wide range of needs such as advanced modeling techniques, SER understandings, and application of code models to improve modeling capabilities, gain potential margin, and increase licensing capabilities.

The Advanced training session is designed for people that have some experience using RETRAN-3D. These users are familiar with the code basics and have some knowledge of the code options and historical modeling methods. The advanced training session material does provide a short review of the balance equations and other models. This provides an opportunity to emphasize factors that do not require a complete understanding to complete the basic training.

New material included in the advanced session is related to new modeling techniques and recommendations, option choices, and nodalization methods. The class will emphasize transient modeling combined with SER understanding and how to work within RETRAN-3D's capabilities and limitations for both licensing and nonlicensing applications. Code capabilities for addressing beyond design basis transient analysis will also be covered.

Advanced RETRAN Training Session Topics

The next session will be scheduled for the Spring 2020. We can also provide custom courses designed to meet your specific needs. These course can be held at your facilities to provide cost-effective training for your staff.

Training Information

For more information on Advanced RETRAN Training, please contact Mike Howard or Pam Richardson. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.