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Analysis Services

The Zachry Analysis Division has completed work for a wide range of nuclear industry clients. From most of the nuclear power plants in the United States to various international companies, we have provided timely expertise and support for our clients.

Some of the recent thermal hydraulic analysis and simulations performed by Analysis Division staff using GOTHIC™ and other software tools include the following:
  • Mass and energy release from a primary system break (i.e., nuclear reactor vessel modeling)
  • Containment system response to breaks of various sizes and locations
  • Jet loading on piping structures
  • Hazardous gas release and mixing in forced and free convection
  • Compartment/room response to high energy line breaks
  • Nuclear waste tank behavior with hydrogen production and release
  • Ventilation systems with evaporation and condensation
  • Hydrogen distribution & mitigation to determine the location and concentration of hydrogen in the plant and demonstrate the engineered systems are sufficient to prevent hydrogen burns and detonation
  • Gas transport in ECCS piping systems for pump performance evaluation and water hammer/pressure surge effect.
  • Thermal-hydraulic analysis of spent fuel pools, including analysis of beyond design basis scenarios involving spent fuel heat-up and fuel cladding oxidation with hydrogen generation
  • Safety Relief Valve (SRV) leakage analysis to create a measured temperature versus leak rate function
Nuclear power plant analyses have been completed in support of power uprates, steam generator replacements, outage length reductions, fuel cycle changes and resolution of regulatory issues. The previous operations, systems and licensing experience of Analysis Division staff members ensures that accurate and licensable models/analysis are delivered to our customers.

The support provided by the Analysis Division includes the following services:
PWR Pressurizer