Thermal Hydraulic Analysis
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Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis

Zachry Nuclear’s Analysis Division has completed work for a wide range of nuclear industry clients.

Nuclear Steam Supply System
From most of the nuclear power plants in the United States to various international companies, we have provided timely expertise and support for our clients. Many nuclear utilities use sophisticated engineering analysis programs to provide plant support by Nuclear Steam Supply System:
We can either perform these analyses directly or help the client with the specific analysis task. We can help prepare the code input, select modeling options and make sure all components are simulated correctly.

The programs used for these analyses are complex with a multitude of options to select. Analyses need to be defensible beginning with the code input preparation and ending with the analysis results. We can provide training or perform independent reviews to verify the analysis was done properly.

Our staff is experienced in developing physical models and using large computer codes for thermal-hydraulic and physics analysis. Zachry staff members have been key contributors to the development of RETRAN, SIMTRAN, CORETRAN, VIPOWR, and SIGTRAN in addition to being experienced in the use of RELAP5, TRAC, SIMULATE, VIPRE, CONTEMPT, TOODEE2, PDQ-7, ANISN, KENO, QAD-P5A, and many other engineering analysis programs. Because of our background and experience, we can provide a host of quality services to support your analysis staff. These services can range from training to performing or supporting an analysis effort.

Westinghouse PWR
Primary Our thermal-hydraulic analysis experience has developed from performing a wide variety of transient analyses for light water reactors. These analyses include design basis transients, operational transients, small and large break LOCAs, anticipated transients without scram, BWR stability, and post-incident evaluation. We use RETRAN and RELAP5 in support of our client's thermal-hydraulics analysis needs. Typical thermal-hydraulics analysis projects can involve the following: