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Steady State Thermal Hydraulics

Analysis Division Experience

Zachry’s Analysis Division is able to handle a wide range of analytical needs, including investigating system and equipment performance, evaluating improvement options, and verifying the capability of plant systems under normal and accident conditions with a large part of this experience involving Zachry’s trademarked software:
The Analysis Division is able to construct complex system and component models with these programs, including graphic interfaces. The ability to construct and use these models demonstrates capabilities and provides clients with confidence in the Division's ability to provide thermal-hydraulic, heat transfer, fire protection and HVAC analyses.

In addition to our proprietary software, Zachry has experience with numerous other software packages and codes. Several are listed below:

Applications and benefits of the Analysis Division's steady-state thermal-hydraulic tools include the following:

Analysis Support

For more information on our experience with steady-state thermal hydraulic analysis, and how this can be applied to your plant, please contact Jane Connelly or Anita Gates. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.