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Control Room, TSC, and EOF Dose Analysis

Analysis Examples and Methodology Application

From a methods perspective, Analysis Division staff members have utilized the following computer programs:
Analysis Division has commercially dedicated a large number of ORNL/RSICC radiological analysis tools such as ORIGEN2.1, ORIGEN-S (SCALE 6.1.3), ARCON96, PAVAN, MCNP, NRCDOSE (LADTAP, GASPAR, and XOQDOQ), GALE86 and QADMOD-GP. We have maintained, and modified as necessary, these codes through a number of upgrades to the Analysis Division internal computer platforms and operating systems over the years since the codes original release dates.

Particle Tracking and Dose Analysis

RADTRAD-NAI and GOTHIC™ both offer the ability to track radioactive particles throughout the plant.

Analysis Support

For more information on our ability to model specific plant Control Room, Technical Support Center (TSC) or Emergency Operating Facility (EOF) designs and how that ability can be used to best address your needs, please contact Anita Gates or Steve Winter. The Analysis Division contact list is here.