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Operations Flexibility and Emergent Analyses


Flooding Evaluation
In a recent analysis, a condensate storage tank line rupture was evaluated to determine if water would enter the emergency core cooling system (ECCS) rooms. These rooms have watertight doors and the floor drains are not connected to the main floor drain system. However, there are ventilation louvers at just above head height in the adjacent hallway. Two rooms on this elevation have normally closed doors, but open floor drains to the main floor drain system. One of the questions was if the backfill of these two rooms through the drains would be sufficient to prevent the water level from reaching the bottom of the ventilation louvers. If not, would the water level difference on the opposite sides of the doors be sufficient to cause the doors to open and rapidly fill these rooms. GOTHIC™ was used to perform this time-dependent analysis to answer these questions to better inform the Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA).

Analysis Services

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