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Nuclear Fuels and Analysis Capabilities

BWR Refueling
Zachry’s Analysis Division and predecessors, Proto-Power Corporation (PPC), Numerical Applications, Inc. (NAI) and Computer Simulation & Analysis, Inc. (CSA) have been providing engineering services and software products to the nuclear industry since 1984. The Division is internationally recognized for its expertise in thermal hydraulics analysis, radiological analysis and code development.

In order to be responsive to utility needs and to support safe and economic operation and modification of nuclear plants, the Analysis Division supports: operability assessments (Examples), regulatory finding mitigation, generic regulatory issue resolution, reduction of dependence on fuel vendors/ Architect Engineers, efficiency improvements and assurance that plant modifications are both technically feasible and economical. For many of these situations, time is of the essence. Possessing the appropriate skills, experience and analytical tools is critical to success. The Analysis Division has the required skills, experience and tools to solve these problems as can be seen by the depth and breadth of our described expertise.

In addition, our personnel have provided significant reload analysis and review support. Analysis Division staff have supported performance of reload analyses for BWRs and PWRs, as well as independent detailed technical reviews of fuel vendor thermal hydraulic and neutronic analyses. We have the reload analysis experience to support either fuel vendors or utilities, including prior qualification in Areva and Westinghouse methods. With respect to fuel vendors, the Analysis Division has the capability to complete analysis preparation and review work for reloads to support schedule constraints. With respect to utilities, the Analysis Division has the capability to support owner's reload reviews of the work performed by fuel vendors and core design optimization.

Analysis Division staff members also have extensive analytical methodology development experience, including Regulatory Guide 1.203 (Transient and Accident Analysis Methods) implementation and defense to the regulator.

We have completed work for a wide range of nuclear industry clients. From most of the nuclear power plants in the United States to various international companies, we have provided timely expertise and support for our clients.

Our technical staff has experience in development of computer codes and analytical models for nuclear reactor cores. We have developed reactor kinetics methods and models for coupled thermal hydraulic and neutronics analysis. These applications have involved simple point kinetics approaches, one-dimension kinetics and advanced three-dimensional kinetics components.

We have developed nuclear data generation models and interface codes to manipulate the large and complex data sets that are required to support the multi-dimensional kinetics models. We have applied these models in support of international reactor transient benchmark projects involving the complex interaction between the reactor core and the nuclear reactor system. Our models have also been used by other groups in the nuclear industry to support such projects as the behavior of nuclear fuel assemblies under extreme transient conditions.

We have performed reactor physics analyses to support design changes to the core of the Advanced Test Reactor at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). These studies involved the use of the MCNP code to compute neutron and gamma ray photon distributions as well as several codes to compute the criticality impact of candidate core configurations.

Our experience includes the following areas:

Analysis Support

For more information on our nuclear fuels analysis abilities and how that experience can be applied at your plant, please contact Anita Gates or Steve Winter. The entire Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.