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RETRAN User Interface

A User Interface for RETRAN-3D and RETRAN-02 Analysis

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RETRAN User Interface (Click to Enlarge)
The RETRAN User Interface (RETRANUI) is a PC-based graphical user interface designed to assist the RETRAN analyst with execution of the RETRAN-02 or RETRAN-3D computer programs and to provide convenient automated editing and plotting features. The RETRANUI will allow the user to initiate a RETRAN analysis on either the local PC or any networked UNIX platform. The RETRAN calculation is monitored and controlled by the RETRANUI. Once the analysis is complete, the results can be conveniently plotted or the output file viewed by selecting the appropriate RETRANUI toolbar button.

All of the Input and Output files required for execution of either RETRAN-02 or RETRAN-3D are supported. The location of the RETRAN-02 or RETRAN-3D executable is user definable and can exist on a local or network PC drive, or UNIX platform.

A link to toolbar buttons can be made to invoke your text editor of choice. One button invokes the editor with the input file to allow changes to the active input model file. The other button opens the output file for viewing using the text editor. One option allows use of change decks, that are concentrated to the input file before being executed by RETRAN.

Links to Microsoft Excel enable the RETRANUI to rapidly generate plots of RETRAN minor edit variables.User-defined plot "styles" and definitions can be saved when a certain frame style and plot content are desired to reduce setup time for large or repetitive analysis tasks. Plots can be easily obtained from the current calculation and compared with prior RETRAN calculations with minimal effort.

Excel View (Click to Enlarge)

The RETRAN minor edit data are automatically imported into Excel and plotted with a user-definable plot format. Further customization can be done such as axis scaling, colors, symbols, etc. and saved as a plot style definition to be used with future calculations. Output files generated by RETRAN analyses run from the RETRANUI contain configuration control information including

An option is available that includes the time and date of the job execution as part of the output file names. A number of companion tools and aids are also directly available from the RETRANUI. They include the following:


The RETRANUI can be purchased directly from the Analysis Division. For more information on the RETRANUI and how it can be obtained, please contact Mike Howard or Pam Richardson. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.