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RETRAN and Support Codes


RETRAN-02 is a versatile and reliable computer program for use in best-estimate transient thermal-hydraulic analysis of light water reactor systems.


RETRAN-3D is a well accepted transient thermal-hydraulic analysis code designed to perform licensing and best-estimate evaluation of light water reactors.

RETRAN User Interface

The RETRAN User Interface (RETRANUI) is a PC-based graphical user interface designed to assist the RETRAN analyst with execution of the RETRAN-02 or RETRAN-3D computer programs and to provide convenient automated editing and plotting features.

RETRAN Visualization Tool

Zachry has developed the RETRAN Visualization Tool (RVT) to aid RETRAN users in their review and interpretation of RETRAN analysis results. The RVT provides various visualization tools for graphically presenting the results of a RETRAN simulation. It also provides for simple and quick access to essentially all parameters computed by RETRAN