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The PROTO-HX Windows™-based software can help engineers address the heat exchanger concerns in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Generic Letter 89-13, Service Water System Problems Affecting Safety-Related Equipment.

A computer-generated model of a heat exchanger can facilitate the expediency, efficiency, and consistency in performing evaluations under differing situations. Computer modeling can also be used to establish preventive maintenance programs and to trend current and limiting levels of fouling resistance and/or limiting cooling water inlet temperatures.

PROTO-HX's built-in library of standard data takes the uncertainty out of modeling and evaluations, for example:

PROTO-HX Library
Attribute Discussion
Steady State Conditions With user-defined physical parameters as well as design and actual performance specifications, in an interactive, easy-to-use environment, engineers can model steady-state temperatures and heat transfer through shell and tube heat exchangers, finned tube air coolers, and plate and frame heat exchangers. Once established, the model can use field data to predict heat exchanger fouling and heat transfer rate capability extrapolated to as-designed conditions.
Multiple Shell and Tube Configurations Model counter flow and cocurrent flow heat exchangers such as TEMA-E, TEMA-F, TEMA-G, and TEMA-J configurations with LMTD correction factors.
User-Defined Fluid Properties Add equations, fit data with polynomial curvefit, output flags if temperatures exceed user-specified ranges, and verify fluid density, dynamic viscosity, specific heat, and thermal conductivity.
Multiple Air Cooler Configurations Design and evaluate multiple or single-pass multiple row arrangement LMTD corrections, air side film coefficient based upon multiple fin configurations, compare finned tubes and plate fins, confirm condensing heat transfer rates, and perform evaluations consistent with the methodology of ARI 410 Standard for Forced Air-Cooling and Air-Heating Coils.
Uncertainty Analysis When system conditions change, for any reason, the engineer needs to know precisely what to expect. PROTO-HX removes the uncertainty factor by: showing user-defined instrument inaccuracy for each test parameter, evaluating SRSS uncertainty analysis and statistical analysis results, generating formatted reports with uncertainty evaluation and statistical analysis results, and by using methodology consistent with ASME OM21 Standard for Inservice Performance Testing of Heat Exchangers in LWR Plants.

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