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The PROTO-HVAC Windows™-based software will model and calculate flows, pressures, and temperature through control dampers, fans, and ducts for system balance and optimized performance for existing or contemplated changes.

Utility engineers can quickly evaluate the performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to assess the impact of plant changes, demonstrate conformance for plant licensing, and minimize costs for maintenance and operations.

PROTO-HVAC simplifies the evaluation by integrating all HVAC system variables into a comprehensive computer model. PROTO-HVAC will simultaneously model or examine every control damper's type and position, the fan performance, room's volume, and heat exchanger's performance to precisely balance air flows, pressures, and temperatures.

Engineers use PROTO-HVAC to evaluate and document indoor air quality, control room habitability, pressure gradient requirements, and noise levels. Added features include user-defined operating alignments for fan status, control parameters, boundary and service conditions:
Attribute Discussion
Control Dampers The software will accurately determine which flow control, pressure control (upstream or downstream), temperature control (service or system), or DP control damper position is needed and how it will perform in user-defined situations.
User-Defined Fan Curves Fan analyses are better understood when examining their performance curves. Select the curve in question design, actual, degraded, or any other conditions and then see the impact, immediately. Use field data, 5 to 20 points, to generate a curve, then pick a curve transform, or check the flow through non-operating fans as modeled with user-defined resistance.
Thermal Balancing Heat exchanger evaluations are modeled with one of two methods: specified heat load in BTU/hour; or a user defined variable heat load in BTU/hour.
Bulk Room Evaluation Room pressure can be specified or calculated by the software. The user specifies leakage and heat gain or loss in the room.
Formatted Output Choose from 20 standard report formats, view reports before printing, or export data to another application. Windows printer drivers are supported and users can print out only what is needed.
Balance Flows Simplify the procedure of balancing ductwork air flow. The software will access all damper positions, filter resistance, component differential pressure, and miscellaneous resistance (K). Flow can be set by individual duct section or as a total system.

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For more information on our PROTO-Series codes, please contact Jane Connelly. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.