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The PROTO-FLO Windows™-based software has the requisite features needed to tackle any computer modeling and performance analysis in a thermal-hydraulic system, regardless of complexity.

PROTO-FLO is the software of choice whenever the utility engineer must precisely evaluate the performance of power plant system:

Proto-Flo Schematic
PROTO-FLO's graphical schematic drawing interface.

PROTO-FLO's built-in library of standard data, with powerful calculation and analysis capabilities, takes the uncertainty out of computer modeling and plant system evaluations:
Proto-Flo Pump Curve
Generate multiple pump curves based on actual field conditions.

Attribute Discussion
Steady State Conditions With user-defined system parameters, in an interactive, easy-to-use environment, engineers can model simple or complex piping and flow control schemes. Steady-state incompressible flows, pressures, and temperatures in simple or complex piping systems are quickly calculated and displayed.
Control Valves The software has everything needed to accurately determine which flow control, pressure control (upstream or downstream), temperature control (service or system), or DP control valve is needed and how it will perform in user-defined situations.
Pump Performance Pump capabilities are easily understood when reviewing performance curves. Select the curve in question design, actual, degraded, or any other condition and see the impact. Input field data, pick a curve transform, or quickly check the flow through a non-operating pump.
Thermal Balancing Heat exchanger evaluations are modeled with one of three methods: specified heat load in BTU/hour; specified heat transfer coefficient U, heat exchanger area, service flow and temperature; or the calculated heat transfer coefficient for shell and tube heat exchangers.
Changing Fluid Properties Many factors impact fluid performance. Select fluid properties such as density, dynamic viscosity, vapor pressure, specific heat, and thermal conductivity, then let the software help avoid temperature excursions, cavitation, or other problems.
Flow Balancing A system has many critical interacting components that affect flow. PROTO-FLO check valve positions, orifice diameters, component differential pressure, and fluid flow resistance to simplify the balancing of multiple pipe sections while avoiding restricted flow and cavitation problems.

Proto-Flo Fluid Properties
Define fluid properties by entering data to generate a polynomial curve-fit equation.

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For more information on our PROTO-Series codes, please contact Jane Connelly. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.