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Updated May 2019

Analysis Division staff members have developed several major computer codes currently used worldwide. These codes model multiphase flow of multi-component fluids, phase change, interfacial heat and momentum transfer, aerosol mechanics, smoke dispersion, fire growth and all modes of heat transfer in fluids and solids. Modeling approaches include finite difference, finite volume and finite element. These codes are founded on basic engineering principles and have a wide range of application.

Analysis Division staff have also participated in the development of many other engineering analysis programs. We have worked with a variety of clients to solve industry specific problems. Some examples include:

We have experience using a wide range of computer codes to address our client's analysis needs. The below are computer codes which we have either developed and/or are very familiar with their use:

Product Support

For more information on any of the above products please contact Anita Gates or Steve Winter. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.