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CentralStor™ FAQs

CentralStor™ is a software system for controlling on-line managed storage.


Once in CentralStor, every file is tracked via a unique ID as well as an accompanying checksum value. This allows for complete QA confidence when retrieving files.

Because it is so easy to retrieve files from CentralStor, and because of the inherent reliability of the file storage (media replication and multiple versions of files), individual users are more likely to keep their workstation disks cleaned of old files. This results in lower hardware costs for disk drives and reduces the time required to perform normal backups of the entire file system.

To summarize, the primary benefits of CentralStor include: Other features of the system include:

A 25-user CentralStor software license is available for a nominal cost. Much larger configurations are available. For more information please contact Zachry by e-mail at naisupport@zachrynuclear.com or by phone at (509)943-0861 x300. The Analysis Division contact list is here, including phone numbers.