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GOTHIC is a versatile software package that allows a user to build models for solving complex thermal hydraulics problems involving multiphase flow of steam, water drops, liquid water and non-condensing gases with interface heat and mass transport. Fluid regions are represented by lumped parameter nodes and 3D grids. Models for heat sinks allow heat exchange between the fluid and solid structures. Models for equipment such as pumps, fans, valves and heat exchangers can be assigned to hydraulic connections between fluid regions. Other models available in GOTHIC include radionuclide source, decay and transport, hydrogen burn, and sediment transport in the liquid phase. Models can be built easily and accurately in a graphical interface that performs extensive input error checking. The graphical interface can be used to display results in both time and vector/contour graphs. Data files can be written to produce more elaborate displays such as those presented for the example calculations.

GOTHIC includes special features for modeling nuclear power plant containments, auxiliary buildings and plant equipment. NAI supports the code for regulated safety analysis and other plant design and operation issues. GOTHIC is developed and maintained under NAI's QA program conforming to 10CFR50, Appendix B requirements.

GOTHIC incorporates technology developed for the electric power industry under sponsorship of EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.

GOTHIC data sheet in PDF format

CentralStorTM from NAI is a new system for on-line managed data storage. It allows an enterprise to centralize, organize, share and secure valuable documents in an electronic archive. More than a traditional backup system, CentralStor allows users to decide which data to archive and provides a framework for fast and easy retrieval of stored documents.

CentralStor data sheet in PDF format.

RADTRAD-NAI is NAI's version of RADTRAD, a code that was developed by the NRC for radiological dose analysis. Our code is suitable for dose analysis under the new Alternative Source Term (AST) Guidelines (NUREG-1465) as well as the TID-14844 Guidelines. The code is available as an installable product or as a web-based version maintained by NAI.

RADTRAD-NAI data sheet in PDF format


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