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Zachry Nuclear Engineering provides world class software and analyses for nuclear power plants, suppliers, and research organizations.
Our clients include many U.S. and international nuclear utilities, research organizations, and small modular reactor (SMR) developers. We provide a comprehensive range of services; please see Analysis for details. A sample list of services is also available as you scroll down.

Thermal Hydraulic

  • Transient Analysis
  • LOCA Analysis
  • Containment Response
  • Room Heatup

Nuclear Fuel Analysis

  • Neutronic Analysis
  • Fuel Reliability
  • Spent Fuel Management

System Analysis

  • Steady State Thermal/Hydraulic Analysis
  • Heat Exchanger Performance Analysis
  • Gas Entrainment Analysis
  • Waterhammer Analysis

Radiological Analysis

  • Alternative Source Term
  • Shielding Calculations
  • Control Room, TSC/EOF Dose Analysis

Operating Plant Support

  • Operability Assessments
  • Third Party Independent Reviews
  • Plant Modification Evaluations

Other Analysis Services

  • Licensing and Regulatory Support
  • PRA/Risk-Informed Engineering
  • Thermally Induced Current (TIC) Analysis

Our Products
The Zachry Nuclear Engineering Analysis Division develops and maintains world class analysis codes. We are the most experienced users of these codes in the world. Page links for major codes are below:

Why are we the best choice to perform your analyses?
We provide trusted, best-in-class software tools and analysis for design and safe operation of facilities worldwide, with focus on innovative, effective solutions, customer relationships, and long term value.